About Us

What is Socialprism ?

Like an optical PRISM which disperses the white light into its constituent colours, We are also like a PRISM that works not on society, state, nation and World! We believe that any INCIDENT around us is like a WHITE LIGHT. It looks WHITE but the fact says it has a spectrum of colours. Some platforms show you one colour and hide others. Here, We at Social PRISM will show you multiple COLOURS of that same WHITE light!

Read our articles on various genres and get useful insight!

Who Runs Socialprism ?

Socialprism is founded, funded and run by Amit Kumar, NITian batch 2015 -2019 and Ex-Employee BYJU’s. Most of the articles are authored by him and is mostly from his life experience and knowledge.

Socialprism also gives opportunities to other authors to write and publish their articles on this platform. If you are interested to publish your article on socialprism then you can send the article on email: socialprism4india@gmail.com

Is socialprism affialated to any political party ?

No, Socialprism has no affiliation to any party rather its affiliated with the service of Bharat Mata and Bhartiya Mitti. Our article can never speak against Bharat bhumi.

Why Socialprism needs your support ?

Socialprism needs your support because It has no ad, no sponsor, no money generation source till now. Your support will keep it surviving and encourage us to keep doing our best.

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