Few Tips for Happy Life!

Life is a great gift that we have been offered by our parents, nature and its resources. We grow up and become busy earning the bread for life coz the society makes us feel that earning money and building career is the most important thing in life. but this is not entirely true! A career seems like an illusion if we lose every beautiful thing on this road to achieve it. This article is to remind and reestablish the awesome impact of happiness in the life of an individual. And we have made a small effort to list Few Tips for Happy Life!

Happy Family

A simple observation

We can very easily see the two aspects of this around us.

Just roam around a village area in the outskirts of city and observe the life of a daily laborer or a small farmer. They might earn very less but spends a lot of quality time with their family. Their children don’t have expensive toys ,so they run and play multiple outdoor games with other kids of neighborhood. The food they eat is very simple but they are fully satisfied with it.

On the other hand, if we look at a family living in a huge apartment, who owns multiple industries and has all the luxury with him. He is hardly talking to his kids and the family bond is very weak. These people look very rich and wealthy but they don’t enjoy the real essence of life which lies in making, nurturing and cherishing the bonds. So this leads us to the most genuine and important question of our life, What actually makes us happy?

What actually makes anyone happy?

It’s seen that happiness is not actually linked with money or material possession rather it is linked with activity and togetherness. All the small and big activities we do, if we do it with enough involvement of mind and with curiosity will lead to satisfaction and happiness. I have felt it thousand times and I am sure you too would have felt this many times. If you have not felt it, I very positively invite you to try these things and feel it yourself.

Poor but Happy family

Things you must do to be happy and remain happy!

We today list few things that a person must do to remain happy no matter how much he/she is earning.

  1. Start ur day with Running & exercise and take your family members with you every morning.
  2. Make habit of coming back from the exercise and taking bath soon.
  3. Have a very light breakfast which must consist of fruits, juices, and little cereals.
  4. Cut down all your main course foods by half and replace them with fruits.
  5. Return home as early as possible and go for an evening walk with wife and kids.
  6. Spend some peaceful time in a field or riverbank with them in the evening.
  7. Learn and practice some skills every day like musical instruments or dancing or painting etc.
  8. Teach ur kids Music, dance, musical instruments etc
  9. Learn Chanting Vedic mantras every day with full family.
  10. Never spread an environment of jealousy and hatred in the home. Always spread love and inclusiveness.
  11. Let you, your children and your wife feed street dogs and other animals.
  12. Wash your feet and arms before sleeping.
  13. Write your heart out on some piece of papers. It makes your heart relaxed and you sleep peacefully.
  14. Pray and remember God before sleeping and thank him for today.
  15. Sleep turning left most of the time and always take a thin cloth above you.
  16. Drink ample water before sleeping.

Try incorporating these things in your daily life and tell us your experience in the comment section. As per our personal experience, We strongly hope that these suggestions will surely improve your life and especially the happiness factor.

Thank you !

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