Vela, The Temple festival of Palakkad, Kerala

India has been a land of diverse culture and traditions. these cultures and traditions are like jewelry of this nation which beautifies it ,binds it and make it a more inclusive place for natives as well as people from abroad.

Vela celebration pandal

Hello , I am Akshaya from Kerala, bringing you the story of one such unique festival called ‘Vela’ which is celebrated in the southern state of India , Kerala. To be more specific , it is a district called Palakkad where you can rejoice the serenity of this festival.

What is ‘Vela’ actually ?

Palakkad is a district which is known for its temples and the festivals associated with it. ‘Vela’ is the most popular annual Temple festival of Palakkad which is celebrated in different days of different months of the year according to the Malayalam Calendar. Usually, Almost all Vela is celebrated once in a year except few which are celebrated once in a five year as well.

What is so special in Vela ?

Vela is a fascinating celebration of Colours, Art forms, Firework, Elephants.

 PanchavadyamPandi Melam are the cultural arts forms of Kerala which performed here with its best players of the state. Large infrastructure called ‘anapanthal’, using bamboo and wood are made and are electrified using small bulbs which adds more beauty to the festival.

The finest elephants of Kerala will join in the procession in two sides.

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